01. It is important to drink plenty of [liquids] when you spend time out in the hot sun.
02. Our olive oil became solid in the fridge, but it soon turned to [liquid] again after sitting on the counter for a while.
03. We saw a science demonstration at school in which they dipped a banana in [liquid] nitrogen, and then used it like a hammer to pound a nail into a board.
04. Any solid will turn to [liquid] at the right temperature.
05. Get lots of rest and drink plenty of [liquids], and you should feel fine in a couple of days.
06. This detergent is available in [liquid] or powder form.
07. He had to use some of his [liquid] assets to pay off the debt.
08. We [liquified] the ice cream and frozen strawberries in the blender to produce a delicious smoothie.
09. The decision to [liquidate] the company was made to avoid bankruptcy.
10. There is a big clothing store downtown which is having a [liquidation] sale, so you can get some great bargains.
11. Blend together the [liquid] ingredients in a separate bowl.
12. Make a hole in the middle of your dry ingredients, and then pour the mixed [liquids] into the center of it.
13. The average cat eats over 25 times its own weight in food, and the same amount again in [liquids] every year.
14. If all the water vapor in our atmosphere were condensed to [liquid] at the same time, there would be enough water to cover the United States with a 25-foot-deep layer of water.
15. The only known common metal that is [liquid] at room temperature is mercury.
16. The [liquid] inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood plasma in an emergency.
17. Balance mainly depends on the way [liquid] moves around in the three canals of the inner ear.
18. Bacteria, the tiniest cells, are so small that a single drop of [liquid] may contain over 50 million.
19. Sound waves move faster through solids and [liquids] than through air.
20. John Burns once said, "I have seen the Mississippi. That is muddy water. I have seen the St Lawrence. That is crystal water. But the Thames is [liquid] history."
21. Oxygen becomes a [liquid] when cooled to below minus 183 degrees centigrade.
22. [Liquids] differ from solids in that both have a definite volume, but liquids do not have a definite shape.
23. All matter exists in three states: solid, [liquid] and gas.
24. Hot water created by factories is a very subtle type of [liquid] pollutant.
25. Our planet's magnetic force is a result of the circulation of [liquid] at its core caused by the rotation of the planet.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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